Scheduling, Kanban, and Task List software have all been around for decades. While they’ve certainly evolved to keep up with technology shifts such as cloud-based computing, real-time multi-party editing, and mobile-friendliness, they have fundamentally not changed. They continue to work similarly to the same old tools our parents used on their DOS & Windows computers. But it doesn’t have to be that way any longer!

Popular crowd & community-powered services, such as Waze GPS Mapping, figured out something magical! If you can leverage the power of the community in real-time, you can fundamentally improve the experience and value to every user. Better yet, while each user is benefitting from your service, they are creating data that will further improve the experience for other users.

Our team at Gantter realized that we could apply the same core community principle to project scheduling, where “every member of the community can help the other members simply by using the same service”!

Welcome to Gantter’s first-of-its-kind community-powered Suggest & Assist Recommendation Engine.

As a Project Manager, imagine being tasked to develop a project plan, build a new website, remodel a home, plan a wedding, or oversee a new development project. As you start typing in your very first task, the Scheduling tool translates your words into a real-time search within the largest community-powered Big Data set of related tasks and risks, and instantly suggests common related tasks and risks that your peers had previously included in similar schedules! What if this list of Recommendations could also assist you in adding them to your Schedule or attaching them to your tasks? This higher level of project scheduling is available to you through Gantter. Start by joining 2 million-strong community, that is the secret weapon helping everyone to be better project managers who benefit from their collective experience and expertise.

Gantter’s Suggest & Assist Recommendation Engine is powered by a growing community of over 2 million users who contribute daily with valuable task, resource, and risk data. Simultaneously, our built-in Artificial Learning Framework gets better and better at prompting the tasks or risks that you should remember to account for when developing your own project schedule.

Our community of project managers around the world Think Together, Plan Together and Work Together to make great things happen. Come join the Gantter Community, where we all work Better Together!

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