Project Management & Scheduling

Truly Google

An optimized user experience and interface that seamlessly integrates with google.


Google inspired user interface

Gantter’s new UI is designed to look and feel just like a native Google Apps native editor, making it really easy for Google user to use Gantter.

Seamless Hangout Integration

Integration with Google Hangout makes communicating with team members easier than ever before.

Bi-directional Calendar™ integration

Gantter tasks assigned to you show up on your calendar in real-time and can be updated and marked completed directly from your Google calendar.

Multi-party Real Time Editing

Real Time multi-party editing makes keeping schedules up-to-date easier than ever before.

Save & Open in Google Drive

Gantter seamlessly allows Google users to create and save scheduling files from Drive™.

Integrated Google Comments

Just like Docs & Sheets you can add task and project based comments directly in your files. Notifications automatically go out and activity stream in Drive™ shows all comments!

Truly Powerful

Optimized For Any Project, Anyone, Anywhere.

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