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Social networks are becoming an integral part of both everyday life and work. Today it is completely unthinkable when some company is not using social media to stay in touch with its customers and promote its services. Many people use social media to solve business problems or manage projects, and sometimes, even without realizing it.

But what if we take a closer look at the ways social media can enhance your project management? In this article, you will learn how social media can help you quickly deal with project planning and related issues in project management.

Social Media Integration with Project Management

Still think social media are merely just for fun technologies? As a project manager, you need to get rid of this opinion and learn how to use social networks so that they solve the main tasks of project management.

The conditions of the pandemic have only entrenched the connection between social media and project management. More and more work tasks are being transferred to social networks and all kinds of online applications.

Is it bad? No, since social networks save time, allow you to get information faster, work in tandem, and get rid of embarrassment for those who are afraid to express their point of view in a team. Below you will find the top 5 ways how social media can improve project management.

1.    Remote Work Management

In the face of the global pandemic, most business owners have switched to the remote mode, and many have remained in it. Why not, when there are so many tools that allow you to save money on renting an office and do your job much faster? What is more, social media are good tools to always stay in touch with your team and manage projects.

In remote work mode, smart management is paramount, but social media can even make most of the tasks easier. Teams often create chats on common social platforms, most often in Telegram.

To monitor each project’s development, you can create separate chats for each one, and there you can solve all the issues. Another advantage of utilizing social media such as Telegram is that you can send delayed messages. So, for example, you can prepare a work plan for each employee in the evening and then set up the time for the delivery.

2.    Quick Notifications on Updates

Even if you work in an office, sharing updates on each project is much easier via social media. In just one click, you can send new requirements to all team members who are working on the project in question. Agree, this is much faster than organizing a meeting every time the customer adds new requirements or changes the deadline.

Today, most customers send edits through social networks and, of course, it is easier to forward such messages within your team, and only after to discuss the details. Thus, the accuracy of information will be 100% and the team will be able to understand more precisely what the customer wants, rather than when the project manager retells the requirements.

3.    No Information Leaks

Project managers often face problems related to human nature and relations. In collectives, rumors spread very quickly and when it comes to unpleasant moments and criticism, then social media can come to aid.

All these points are possible to discuss on social media in person, without information leaks, and in a softer manner. In the same way, you can notify employees about upcoming staff changes, and so on. This approach allows to reduce the spread of rumors and whipping up the situation in the team.

4.    Promotion of Your Services

You probably already know that you can promote your company through social networks. But this is a really good opportunity for as many people as possible to know about your team. Just remember that visual content plays a key role on social media. Therefore, be careful with the quality of your photos, they must be bright and expressive – this will help increase your coverage. You shouldn’t retouch yourself if you don’t have skills of a professional retoucher. It is better to use the service of one of the outsource photo retouching companies.

For example, a popular network as LinkedIn is the best social network to find new customers, increase the status of your company in a niche, and declare yourself in the business space. What is more, LinkedIn in tandem with LinksManagement will help you to get in touch with your target audience faster because of the smart social media marketing and improved SEO strategy with the help of strong backlinks.

For example, you may promote the services of your team on LinkedIn, plus improve your positions in search results to get even more attractive offers and vacancies.

5.    Fast Problem Solving

Social networks are a good tool for brainstorming and solving business problems. It is enough just to state a problem, and ask for a solution. This way you can get a lot of suggestions and creative ideas without having to gather one more face to face meeting. What is more, those employees who are very shy will be able to express themselves more freely in communication on social networks.

Also, while working on a project in Google Docs or while working in Gantter, it is much easier to discuss any points in the chat. If you still have not heard about what a Gantter is, it is your lucky day, since today it is one of the most popular Google Drive and G-suite management apps with real-time power and support of over two million users worldwide. See for yourself!

When Are Social Networks Not Relevant to Improve Project Management?

Despite all the advantages of social media for project management, there are several conditions when they may not be effective. Here are the main ones:

  • The team is small: If your staff does not exceed 5 people and you work in the same office, then social media may not be as necessary as was discussed above. Why transfer communication to social networks if you can discuss all issues directly within your office space without the need to organize a meeting.
  • Malorganization: Sometimes some platforms can only bring harm rather than benefits. For example, the team may begin to waste time on various jokes or simply spend time without performing work duties.
  • The project is very simple: If the project is not large-scale, then perhaps the usage of social networks as a part of a project management strategy may not be appropriate.

The Last Words

Perhaps you have been using social networks for a long time to solve project management problems, but you simply do not suspect it. If so, now you know that you are keeping pace with the latest trends that digitalization has brought. If this is not your case until today, now you know how you can use social networks to work with staff more efficiently and complete the project faster and better.

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