Today’s organizations and teams are becoming increasingly diverse and dispersed, encouraging the need for more collaborative management tools and processes. Gantter was designed to bring the very best of Google to your project management process. Whether you have a large new project, an ongoing process or a simple checklist, Gantter brings every project manager all the power of Google to be more collaborative. Our unique core features have made Gantter the #1 Cloud-based CPM scheduling tool on the market today: Reading & Writing MS Project files, Task & Cost tracking, Risk Management, True Baseline comparison, Resource auto-leveling, and so much more!

Gantter has an optimized user experience and interface that was carefully and intentionally built to seamlessly integrate with the best of native Google editor features, such as Real-time multi-party editing, Integrated Google comments, Bi-directional real-time syncing with Google Calendar, Google Hangout Integration, and more! For G-Suite users, we make it easy to pull domain resources directly into your Gantter schedules, allowing you and your colleagues to build and share scheduling templates for your organization. Our UI is designed to look and feel just like a native Google Apps editor, ensuring that Google users will find it incredibly easy to use Gantter.

Our growing worldwide community of over 2 million users appreciate and use our google-inspired features every day to better manage projects of any scale and complexity.


MS Project Alternative
Gantter is the perfect alternative to Microsoft Project, with even more features, options and collaborative tools. With Gantter, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to save your Word document or excel sheet. All your project updates in Gantter will auto-save, ensuring that valuable real-time information is never lost. Gantter is the MS Project alternative that looks and feels exactly like Google docs and Google sheets, filling a void for billions of Google users around the world who are looking for a more intuitive, integrated project management system.

Google Hangout Integration
Work together. No matter how far apart.
Integration with Google Hangout makes it easier than ever before to communicate with team members about project details, ensuring that everyone involved in a project can be on the same page without having to overcome the challenges of remote working situations.

Bi-directional Calendar Integration
Gantter tasks that are assigned to you will show up on your calendar in real-time, and can be updated and marked complete directly from your Google Calendar. You can also view your project in a calendar view or an interactive timeline view, giving you the option to gauge project progress from a detailed point-of-view or a macro overview perspective.

Multi-party Real-time Editing
You can use Gantter to work online with clients, co-workers and vendors by sharing real-time information and comments easily and securely with one another. Keep your team aware of all progress and changes, and keep your schedules up-to-date with the help of everyone’s valuable inputs.

Save & Open in Google Drive
Create and save important files related to any task right where they will be easiest to locate, open and edit. Share work with an unlimited number of collaborators inside or outside your team, while retaining control over the level of access each person has.

Integrated Google Comments
Just like Google Docs and Google Sheets, you can add task and project-based comments directly in your files. Notifications automatically go out and activity stream in Drive shows all comments related to any task, making it easy to share information between one another and keep everyone on the same page through the course of the project.

Integrating the best of Google’s features into our product has helped project managers all over the world manage their work better. Gantter gives individuals, teams and corporations the ability to use our project management features and our Google integration to track any aspect of any project, collaborate with anyone in the world, review detailed progress, and provide valuable analysis for reporting.

Millions of users around the world rely on Gantter to get more work done more efficiently.
Gantter is more than a project scheduling tool. Gantter is your project management partner.

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