In today’s increasingly globalized economy, we’ve all learned how to work with teams remotely. This process evolved from emails flying across the world to online tools which offer new collaboration features every day. In the world of Project Management, the effectiveness and efficiency of these collaboration features are what keep everyone on the same page, and help avoid the delays, bottlenecks and setbacks that come along with miscommunication, delayed communication or simply no communication.

Any Project Management tool that brings you advanced real-time collaboration features gives you the incomparable benefit of virtually sitting around the table with everyone involved in the success of your project. So yes, choose your Project Management tool wisely. And in doing so, keep in mind that Global Project Management is experiencing common trends around the world that you should keep abreast of. For example:

  1. Emails
    If you’re still relying only on email to collaborate on documents, progress, updates and edits, then it’s going to be as effective as a ping-pong game. The world has moved on to online tools specifically designed for collaboration projects where success relies on everyone.

  2. The Entrepreneurial Project Manager
    The modern Project Manager has more of an entrepreneurial mindset. The demands on this role now come from outside any formal planning boundaries, which means it needs people who are capable of improvising, re-thinking, and wearing multiple hats.

  3. Agile is more than a buzzword
    While “agile” has been a buzzword among project managers for the past few years, the effects of its high adoption are now being seen. Project stakeholders expect faster and more responsive cycle times, while moving towards less contractual and more collaborative work relationships.

  4. Data
    The existence of data and its analytics has helped Project Managers forecast costs, find hidden correlations between projects, and automate rule-based tasks that are a waste of man hours.

Project Managers are experts at coordinating contributions from various sources. And that level of coordination hinges on the ability to collaborate efficiently. Google-inspired tools like Gantter, bring you many of Google’s best collaboration tools, like:

  • Google Hangout Integration
  • Calendar Integration
  • Real-time Multi-party Editing
  • Google Comments and Notes
  • File Sharing and Google Drive Integration

But to top it all, long before other tools realized the global nature of today’s teams, we had already built Gantter in 23 languages.

  • English
  • Catalan
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Farsi/Persian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian Bokmal
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Ukrainian
  • Chinese (Simplified)

So, no matter which part of the world you’re managing a project, Gantter helps you do it in your local language! Try it free for 30 days.

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