If you’re managing a project, uncertainty is one of those factors you have to deal with every day. The role of data and its analysis in Project Management minimizes that uncertainty and gives a Project Manager the ability to make decisions that benefit and not hamper the success of the project. With the help of project data, which can be gathered in real-time in today’s IOT world, Project Managers can understand project patterns & trends, and make fast decisions that keep projects on track and more importantly, on budget. No matter what the industry, data analytics has become an essential tool for enabling successful project outcomes, and even dictate the overall strategy.

The Power of Data

Speaking of data, according to the Project Management Institute, there will be a demand for 87.7 million Project Managers by 2027. And a report by Gartner states that the market for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence is anticipated to grow to $22.8 Billion by 2020. With these two disciplines growing parallelly, businesses that invest in technology that integrates them seamlessly, will be the ones that succeed.

Let’s look at some new ways in which you can analyze your project scheduling data, and make more effective project management decisions.

1. The Power of Analytics

Most Project Management software in the market today are only good enough to capture project details. However, simply having these basic data points are not helpful without the ability to generate informative real-time data transformation reports that enable a Project Manager to drive project success. Project Managers usually have to turn to third-party analytic tools to complement their project management tools, which can be frustrating for obvious reasons.

At Gantter, we want to empower Project Managers with the best tools for them to succeed. Which is why Gantter offers built-in analytics for single or multiple schedules, powered by a seamless Tableau integration. We give Project Managers the world-leading power of Tableau Analytics, with the ease of an in-built tool, to pull accurate real-time data from all the right places. Instead of having to create your dashboards and reports from scratch, you simply need to generate them from data that you’ve already been capturing in your Gantter scheduling.

2. The Power of Interactivity

Gantter’s analytical capabilities allow you to interact with and customize your dashboard on-the-fly, ensuring that analysis and decision-making is easier for Project Managers and all the stakeholders. You can:

  • Add filters to your dashboard so that a single dashboard can serve multiple use cases
  • Choose custom date ranges to analyze any time period
  • Hover over a data point to show additional information in a “tooltip”
  • Manually input variables (such as goals) to be used in calculations

3. The Power of Flexibility

A Project Manager should be able to easily and quickly adapt to changing project needs and statuses. Gantter’s built-in analytics features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface is also very easy to interpret, even for a Project Manager who isn’t adept at analytics. You can:

  • Simply drag and drop to add dimensions & measures, filter out or group values, and drill into outliers
  • Easily use features such as clustering, trend analysis and average lines to look for patterns in your data
  • Use the “Show me” feature to switch between a variety of chart types with one click
  • Use mobile-friendly dashboards for stakeholders on-the-go

4. The Power of AI

By bringing the power of data analytics to Gantter, we provide our Project Managers with Tableau’s smart technologies that augment human ability to see and understand data. You have access to:

  • Forecasting

Simply drag and drop to generate a forecast. Tableau automatically selects the forecasting model based on the data and accounts for seasonality with exponential smoothing.

  • Smart Recommendation Engine

Tableau’s algorithms recommend which are the best certified data sources and table joins, based on the most frequently used and what’s appropriate to what you are trying to accomplish.

The world is progressing from Data-informed Project Management to Data-driven Project Management, and Project Managers will need to become both efficient and effective. As you search for the right Project Management Solution, pick one that gives you the tools to succeed. Gantter is used by over 3 million Project Managers worldwide because of the effectiveness of its scheduling, integration, and reporting features.

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