Language should be a bridge, not a barrier.

Here’s a simple question – how many languages are you fluent in? Unless you’re a polyglot, someone fluent in numerous languages, chances are you are comfortable in 2 or 3 languages.

If you’ve ever visited a place where you struggled to understand the language spoken there, you know how out of place and uncomfortable it makes you feel.

Language binds. It helps us share and understand each other. Someone can show you a wonderful French poem, but if you can’t understand French, it’s meaningless to you.

Which is why, in today’s digitized world, websites and applications need to go the extra mile to cater to people who work in different languages and teams that work across geographies.

English isn’t spoken fluently in many countries and in today’s connected world, people from across the globe, who might not speak the same language, can be working on a single project.

This means however good a software is, if it isn’t available in multiple languages, millions of people won’t have access to it. The increase in the number of remote workers and solopreneurs means that the way people work is undergoing a drastic shift. Today’s project manager works across time zones and nationalities. Which means that accessibility is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And when people from all over the world are accessing your product, language shouldn’t be a barrier.

Accessibility has been the cornerstone of Gantter’s existence. That’s the reason it’s one of the most economical, cost-effective tools on the market today at just $5 per user. And along with that goal of accessibility, came the need to ensure that Gantter was available to anyone, no matter what language they worked in. And that’s why Gantter was created in 23 languages. This enables our 3+ million users to work in a language they’re comfortable in, so that they can focus on accuracy rather than grammar.

So whether you’re working in a team that’s in the same building or oceans apart. Or whether you’re working on your own and need a tool that feels like home. Gantter is available in your language!

  • English
    – Gantter Project Management
  • Catalan
    – Gestió de projectes Gantter
  • Czech
    – Projektový management Gantter
  • Danish
    – Gantter Projektstyring
  • German
    – Gantter-Projektmanagement
  • Spanish
    – Gestión de proyectos Gantter
  • Farsi/Persian
    – Gantter مدیریت پروژه
  • Finnish
    – Gantter Project Management
  • French
    – gestion du projet Gantter
  • Italian
    – Gestione dei progetti Gantter
  • Japanese
    – ガンタープロジェクトマネージ
  • Korean
    – Gantter 프로젝트 관리
  • Norwegian
    – Gantter Prosjekt-leiing
  • Dutch
    – Gantter Projectmanagement
  • Polish
    – Zarządzanie projektami Gantter
  • Portuguese
    – Gestão de Projetos Gantter
  • Russian
    – Управление проектами Gantter
  • Slovenian
    – Upravljanje projektov Gantter
  • Swedish
    – Gantter projektledning
  • Thai
    – โปรแกรมบริหารโครงการ Gantter
  • Ukrainian
    – Управління проектом Gantter
  • Chinese
    – Gantter 项目管理

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